Wednesday, May 14, 2008

First Post

Well, here's a blog for my work. Welcome, welcome!

Here is my piece, The Mercenary.

The Mercenary

It's heavy in hand, yet shines like the moon,
Carved on the face is some foolish old rune
A banker's number that could never show
The value of a single coin.

But coins are fickle and vanish like rain
Our flagless soldier roams the blood-drunk plain
Guns down men - once friends, now the foe -
In pursuit of a single coin.

How it gleams! In the paymaster's purse
So far - far beyond enemy lines
Men are afflicted by such a strange curse
Forever paying their boundless fines

Death for Sale! Our young Iscariot
- Questing knight-for-lease - forces chariot
Through the gunfire, onward to go
Give his life for a single coin.

Singing as it spins, dancing while flying
Not yet under the tongue of the dying.
Without Colours, by shrapnel laid low
The Mercenary tosses a single coin.

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